A brand that packs a punch!

In 2016, RECUP started as a pioneer for reusable take-away solutions. Today, they are the nationwide market leader and also serve as a key partner for cities and policymakers in matters related to sustainability in the take-away sector, promoting waste reduction.

The challenge? The existing brand design no longer reflected all these aspects adequately – a refresh was needed to embody the company’s size, market leadership, and brand values effectively, while positioning RECUP as a future-oriented player in the market.

Brand Design
Colours and fonts
Design elements
Brand Templates
Social Media Assets
Editorial Design
Creative Direction
Brand Manual
Employee Training

Support from the
Johanna Perret
Insa Keilbach
Selina Bubendorfer
Julian Schöll


From within the company

Together with RECUP's brand and design team, we have defined the ingredients that are relevant for the visual realignment of the brand.

Fresher and more enjoyable

RECUP, a sustainable lifestyle brand, is now portrayed with even more freshness and a warm, enjoyable colour palette and imagery.

Redesigned exhibition appearance

Together with the agency DFrost, we have translated the new corporate identity to an exhibition booth. It's quite a showpiece: with a focus on using sustainable materials, strategic product placement, a barista, and fresh coffee.

RECUP is for all!

The visual imagery becomes warmer, more inclusive, and more enjoyable. It now covers a broader range of what RECUP stands for: sustainable indulgence for all coffee and food lovers.

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