Hannah, tell us!

I have been developing brands for more than seven years: from startups to corporations, from city logos to wine labels. In doing so, I can draw on experience in brand agencies as well as my work as an in-house designer in a sustainable startup.

For me, good design means making the essence of a brand tangible and creating high identification for the founders, their employees and their target groups. A brand does not only want to exist, but to be lived and to spark enthusiasm. 

In a holistic process, we tackle the challenges together and create an effective overall image for your brand. Let’s get started! 

"The most beautiful thing is the moment of enthusiasm when everything falls into place and my customers feel they have arrived in their brand (again)."

Previous stations

Hannah Lauer | Design Studio

Founded in 2016. Since 1st of May 23 full-time self-employed, before that part-time. Since the beginning supervising of own clients and projects. Further development of brands from the areas of: Creativity, New Work, Sport & Health, Food & Drinks, Coaching and many more.


12/20 - 02/23 Teamlead Design in Munich. Structuring, building and hiring the design team, responsible for the consistent overall visual appearance of the brand.

Zeichen & Wunder

10/17 - 12/20 Designer in one of Germany's top 10 brand agencies. (Further) development of many exciting brands, from international sports brand Deuter to München Klinik to location brand Ismaning.

Anker, Studio Tonique, Kraenk Visuell

05/15 - 04/17 Freelance designer in Frankfurt and Darmstadt.

Graduate designer

10/12 - 07/17 Communication design studies in Darmstadt.

Portsmouth, UK

09/15 - 05/16 Study abroad at the University of Portsmouth.

Kind words

Philosophy & values

In project work, the following are important to me …

→ holistic work 

→ courageous and inspiring results 

→ openness and curiosity

→ high quality and attention to detail

→ commitment from both sides

→ clarity, transparency & appreciation

→ trust & reliability

Creating inspiring moments - between people and between people and brands - that's what drives me. I would like to make the enthusiasm you have for your company, product or service tangible for your target group as well.

In our cooperation it is important to me that we work together. We create a common understanding of the objectives and scope of the project and are in close exchange about the next steps. Because I take care of you and your concerns personally and directly, mutual sympathy and a trusting relationship are important to me. I am looking forward to getting to know you and some exciting creative sessions.

Feel free to drop by my studio in Munich's city centre.

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