From strategy
to implementation

I help you to carry your brand authentically to the outside,
whether service or product.
1. strategy

Together we develop the unique character of your brand. If not already done, we develop strong brand values that position you well in the market and for the future.

Your brand identity gives you a newfound clarity and makes brand management decisions easier and faster for your team / your target group to understand.

2. brand design

We then derive the appropriate brand design from the developed identity. The visual appearance reflects your values and vision.

A stringent external appearance is important for the long-term positioning of your brand. Therefore, we create a set of rules for the correct handling of all design elements.

3. implementation

To make your brand tangible at all important touchpoints, we design the necessary measures: From business stationery and presentations to the packaging design of your product.

Together, we create the appropriate catalog of measures and thus create an all-round successful brand experience that inspires and sticks in people’s minds.

Services at a glance

  • 01 Brand identity
  • 02 Logo kit
  • 03 Coloring
  • 04 Typography
  • 05 Design elements
  • 06 Illustration
  • 07 Visual language
  • 08 Business equipment
  • 09Print& Digital Media
  • 10 Packaging Design
  • 11 Brand Manual
  • 12 Brand Guidance
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