A sociable place to enjoy

Hafencorner is the place where you can make the most of your day off in Grömitz. In the morning, Hafencorner is a bakery and café, at lunchtime, it’s a snack bar, all day it’s a supermarket, and a sociable place to drink and linger.

The challenge? Creating a visual identity for the March 2024 opening that quickly and easily conveys the diverse offerings and translates the identity into a fresh overall image.

Brand Identity
Logo kit
Brand Design
Colours and fonts
Store Branding
Website Design

Brand Design, Corporate Design, Logo, Gastronomie
The brand identity

In a collaborative branding workshop, we worked out the identity of Hafencorner and developed the visual appearance based on it.

Illustrations play an important part. They ensure better differentiation between categories (such as shop, events, or sandwich offerings) while simultaneously creating cohesion through their consistent icon style.

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