A sports coach who strengthens holistically.

Quirin Stärk impresses with his strength and athletic training on equal footing. He approaches his coachees empathetically and individually, then develops an approach that is optimally tailored to their respective needs and possible limitations.

The challenge? For the establishment of Stärkwerk, there was a need for a brand identity and design that could pave the way for potential scalability. It should reflect the values ​​as well as engage his target audience, motivating and empowering them in the long term.

Brand identity
Logo design
Brand design
Colors and fonts
Design elements
Visual language
Creative direction
Brand manual


Strong values for Stärkwerk

During a collaborative brand workshop, we crafted the identity of Stärkwerk, which then inspired a contemporary visual style and colour palette.

Dynamic and scalable

The Stärkwerk logo is used across various applications, from digital initiatives to workwear and sports equipment. The upward-reaching figurative mark is distinctive and perfectly complemented by the corresponding wordmark. Particularly intriguing are the contrasts between angular and round, between athletic and approachable.

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